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Correct maintenance and use of labor protection gloves

Gloves have long existed in clothing decoration in our country, but there is no way to verify when they appeared. The clothing in ancient my country was mainly loose-fitting and large-sleeved, and the sleeves were too long, so gloves were not needed on many occasions. People of the working class are required to have their sleeves no longer than the palm of their hand, but they need to be protected with gloves in many occasions. Especially in the colder north, it is mostly used. According to records, the gloves in the Qing Dynasty were divided into fingerless and fingerless gloves. Expose the fingers to protect the back of the hand and show the ten fingers, and not show the fingers to protect the ten fingers. Labor insurance gloves are mostly made of cotton fabrics, but also made of fur, which can be worn by both men and women. After the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, gloves have been widely used. Whether soldiers, students or workers and peasants, have the habit of wearing gloves on specific occasions. Gloves are made of cotton, knitted fabric or fur, and are available in new styles.

① To buy leather gloves, you should try them on, and choose a slightly loose size.

②When wearing gloves, try to avoid carrying sharp objects to prevent being scratched.

③If the gloves are wet, do not bake them with fire. Wipe off water stains with a dry cloth, dry them in a cool place, and do not expose them to the sun.

④For storing gloves, turn the gloves over and dry them in a ventilated place.

⑤ If the leather gloves are stored for a long time, they will become moldy and hard, and they will be extremely uncomfortable to wear. Labor insurance gloves can be wiped with cotton and some oily cream, and the gloves will become very soft. Correct maintenance and use of gloves can greatly extend the life of gloves.