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How to prevent labor insurance gloves from fading

1. In daily life, what people feel most deeply is jeans, especially the dark ones, which are easy to fade. Experienced aunties will dry them upside down when drying. , in turn, avoid direct sunlight exposure, so that it is not easy to fade.

2. For labor insurance gloves just bought, if you are afraid of fading, you can soak them in salt water before cleaning, about half an hour is almost the same. If it continues to fade a little, you can put a little salt every time you wash it, and it will not fade after a long time.

3. For some cotton gloves from labor insurance glove factories, in order to prevent color fading, you can add a little vinegar in daily life, do not add too much, just soak for a while, which can not only prevent color fading but also increase the brightness. Take good care of protective labor protection gloves. Protective gloves made of natural rubber should not be in contact with acids, alkalis, and oils for a long time, and should be prevented from being punctured by sharp objects. After use, wash and dry, sprinkle talcum powder inside and outside the gloves, and store them properly. Do not press or heat during storage.